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Drifting Cities (68mins 2017)Funnel Web Family Refrigerated (65mins 2016)ONC's Stone Boat Exhausted (60mins 2016)At One Fell Swoop (74mins 2015SMOLT (65mins 2013)Some Must Watch
While Some Must Sleep (60mins 2012)
The Poorhouse Revisited (43mins 2011)Concrete Walls (60mins 2011)Birds on a Wire (62mins 2011)You Have Been Killed (61mins 2011)Roadside Picnic (62mins 2010)

ONC Installation
Inktober Arts Festival
Wicklow Town, Wicklow, Ire
(16mm loop, Super 8mm loop, 1/4" tape loops)

ONC - Parnassius mnemosyne
Curated by Ieva Balode
Stūra māja, Riga, Latvia
(16mm loops, 35mm slides)

ONC - Bury Me Standing
Moving Bodies Festival
MART, Rathmines Rd. Lower, Dublin, Ire
(VHS, 35mm Slides, Regular 8mm)

Eksperimentālā Kino Vakari
Orphans and Rushes
Curated by Ieva Balode
Kino Bize, Riga, Latvia


EFS presents ONC's JUNK
Cinema Performance and exhibiton with Cillian Roche and Oli Ryan.
Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ire
(Twin 16mm projection, 35mm slides, iron oxide, 1/4inch audio tape, gas mask, Electro-HG, human excrement, pigeon excrement & wings, used heroin needles, medical blood samples)

ONC - Stone Boat Exhausted
w/ The Barry People and Guerilla Aerial
Open Night Cinema, Inchicore, Dublin, Ire
(120mins, 35mm slides, 16mm, Super8mm projection)

w/ The Barry People
Open Night Cinema, Dublin, Ire
(100mins, 16mm, S8mm and digital projection)

ONC - OFFCUTS (Ja Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne Ne)
Open Night Cinema, Dublin, Ire
(10mins, Static S8mm projection, Electro-HG2000, angle grinder, steel sheets, water)

ONC - The Illuminated Room
Open Night Cinema, Dublin, Ire
(40mins, Static 16mm projection, static S8mm projection, 360 degree R8mm projection, Electro-HG, MG1100, live stereo soundscape)

EFS Pre-Screener Installation
Open Night Cinema
(25mins, Static 16mm projection, hand-processed b/w 16mm

ONC - SuperAte Smut
Live 8mm Performance
Open Night Cinema, Dublin, Ire
(40mins, Single Screen R8 & S8 Projection

ONC - Stone Boat
Open Night Cinema, Dublin, Ire
(50mins, 360degree twin Super 8mm Projection and live stereo soundscape)


Cinema Performance with Karen Power
Cork Film Centre, Cork, Ire
(22mins, Single Screen Projection)

Image manipulation and projection assistance for Maximilian Le Cain and Karen Power's
Gorging Limpet
Midsummer Arts Festival, Cork, Ire
(Multiple Projection and sound installation)


I'm Not a Doctor but I'll Take a Look - Solo Show
Cork Film Centre, Cork, Ire
(Multiple Projection Installation & Mixed Media)

The Poorhouse Revisited
Hendron's Collider, Dublin, Ire
(Screening & 16mm Film Installation)

Super8 Star Wars Trilogy
(Super8 Film Installation)

The Poorhouse Revisited
The Joinery Gallery, Dublin, Ire
(Twim Projection & Performance)

Fractured Climates
Satellite Studios, Dublin, Ire
(Digital Projection & Mixed Media)



Merry Christmas Farmer Brown
NCAD Grad Show, Dublin, Ire
(16mm Projection & Mixed Media)

Headless Queens
Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ire
(Sound Sculpture)



girl meets boy
Tubby Tiles, Dublin, Ire
(Digital Screening & Mixed Media)

Buildings & Airplanes
Phizzfest, Dublin, Ire
(Digital Screening & Mixed Media)

LUFF - EFS Programme
Heaven's Hole / The Poorhouse Revisited / JUNK
LUFF Lausane Underground Film & Music Festival
Lausanne, Switzerland

Drifting Cities
IMAGINE Arts Festival,
Waterford, Ireland

FEDAEVX - EFS Programme
The Family Vault of the Late James Hyland
Festival de Diseno Audiovisual Experimental Valdiva
Valdiva, Chile

Funnel Web Family
Sonic Dreams Festival
Waterford, Ireland

EFS Short Film Programme
Out of Service
Kino Klub Split, Croatia

Irish Film Institute (IFI)
Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

EFS Carcass Prog. Akephalos
Gallery of Modern Art Waterford (GOMA),
Waterford, Ireland

EFS - Short Film Programme
(Painting and The Poorhouse Revisited)
El Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá / CineAutopsia
Bogotá, Colombia

EFS - Carcass Prog. Relics
Pelikula Obskura
UP Film Institute Film Studio,
Quezon City, Philipines

EFS - Carcass Prog. Homo Ferox / Corpus Rex
Auditório Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett
Porto, Portugal

Irish Film Festival,
Middletown Arts Center, New Jersey, USA

Drifting Cities
World Premiere
PROCESS Experimental Film Festival
Kino Bize, Riga, Latvia

Love Me Longer
Autobiographical Rituals - Vorspiel/Transmediale
Greenhouse Berlin, Germany

Recent Transmissions:
Strange Attractor (live sound) / EFS (undead images)
St. Peter's Church, Cork, Ire

2016The Poorhouse Revisited (15mins cut)
1st Edition Berlin Experimental film Festival
Moviemento, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

EFS @ Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural
(Funnel Web Family)
Porto, Portugal

Post Mortem International Short Film Festival
Aguascalientes, Mexico

EFS Short Film Programme
(Heaven's Hole)
Glass Eye Cine Club
Belfast Barge, NIreland

North American Premiere
MOVIATE Underground Film Festival
Harrisburg, PA, USA

Luminous Void, An EFS Exhibition
Triskel Project Space, Cork City, Ireland

AEMI presents
EFS; Collectivism (Part 3)
(Funnel Web Family)
Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Edge Hunters, Anseo
Dublin, Ireland

(Heaven's Hole)
Curated by Dean Kavanagh
Dublin, Ireland

Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep
Canada International Film Festival
Vancouver, Canada

EFS Short Film Programme
(Funnel Web Family)
Gardunha Fest, Histérico - Associacao de Artes
Moagem / Fundão / Portugal

Lumière 2016 - 6th CinemAvvenire Film Festival
Rome, Italy

EFS Short Film Programme
(Funnel Web family)
Auditório de Cinemateca Museu de Arte Moderna,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Filmbase, Temple Bar,
Dublin, Ireland.

Eksperimentālā Kino Vakari III - Kino Bize
Riga, Latvia

Firestone International Experimental Film Festival
Moscow, Russia

Love Me Longer & Murder
Eksperimentala Kino Vakari
Kino Bize, Riga, Latvia

Mongolia International Film Festival
Los Angeles, USA

The Progressive Film Club
The New Theatre,
Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Collectif Jeune Cinema
Les Voûtes
Paris, France

EFS Short Film Programme + Q&A
(HOTEL & Painting)
Cinematheque @ Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art,

Tehran, Iran

EFS Short Film Programme + Q&A
(Out of Service & Filament)
Darblast Platform

Tehran, Iran

EFS Short Film Programme
Laevardi Foundation

Tehran, Iran

The Five Glens Arts Festival
Manorhamilton, NLeitrim, Ireland

EFS Short Film Programme
Open Night Cinema,
Dublin, Ireland

At One Fell Swoop (with Dean Kavanagh's POLAR NIGHTS)
Phantoscope, Triskel Christchurch Cinema,
Cork, Ireland

At One Fell Swoop (with STONE BOAT)
Open Night Cinema,
Dublin, Ireland

EFS Presents...
At One Fell Swoop (with Dean Kavanagh's POLAR NIGHTS)
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios
Dublin, Ireland

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
Belfast Film Festival,
Belfast, NIreland

EFS Short Film Program
Repressed Cinema
The Hollywood Theatre,
Portland, OR, USA

EFS Short Film Programme
Bologna, Italy

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
XCÉNTRIC - Centre de Cultura Contemporánia

Barcelona, Spain

Glasgow Independent Film Festival
Clockwork Film Institute,
Glasgow, Scotland

The Poorhouse Revisited
Under Your Skin Film Festival
Korova Arts Cafe Bar, Lancashire, UK

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
Union Theatre,
Milwaukee, USA

SMOLT / Some Must Watch...
Pantalla Fantasma 4
Peurta, Bilbao, Basque Country

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
Glasgow Film Theatre,
Glasgow, Scotland

EFS Short Film Programme
Limited Access Film festival,
Tehran, Iran

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
Norwegian Film Institute,
Oslo, Norway

Absenses an (Im)possibilities - LUX Programme
Irish Film Festival
London, England

EFS Short Film Programme
Sessões do Udigrudi,
São Paulo, Brazil

EFS Short Film Programme
Studio 6 Open
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (1/6)

Dublin, Ireland

EFS Short Film Programme
Fronteira International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival,
Goiás, Brazil

Solus Film Collective and Loft Project Etagi present Irish Experimental Cinema,
Saint-Petersburg, Ru

The Poorhouse Revisited (15mins Cut)
HAXAN Festival
Oakland, CA, USA

EFS Short Film Programme
The Picture Show,
Greenpoint, NY, USA

SMOLT - Dublin Premiere
Hendron's Collider
Dublin, Ire

EFS / Birds on a Wire
New Irish Underground Film
Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn, New York

EFS / Seesound
Performance with Karen Power
Cork Film Centre Gallery, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

SMOLT - World Premiere
Indie Cork Film Festival
Gate Cinema, Cork, Ire

EFS incl. Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep
IFI & EFC: Spectres of Memory
Irish Film Institute, Dublin, Ire

Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep
The Moot Art and Music Festival
Parliment St, Kilkenny, Ire

Funnel Web Family
FPS#06 Floor Plan
PLUG Projects, Kansas City, USA

Away, The Gardener, Hotel, Painting
Experimental Film Society
Ormston House, Limerick, Ire

The Poorhouse Revisited - 15mins Cut
The 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge,
Berlin, Germany

2012 Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep
Corona Cork Film Festival,
Cork Film Centre Gallery, Ballincollig, Cork, Ire

Concrete Walls + 2 Shorts
The Guesthouse, Cork, Ire

The Poorhouse Revisited
Hunter's Moon Festival, Carrick on Shannon, Ire

The Poorhouse Revisited
Galway Film Fleadh, Ire

EFS Screening - The Last of Deductive Frames
Seomra Spraoi

10 Belvedere Court, Dublin, Ire

Super 8mm Star Wars - Installation
LINK Culture Fest,
Block B, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ire

The Poorhouse Revisited - 60min Cut with 16mm Installation.
LINK Culture Fest,
HENDRONS Gallery, Dominick St Upper, Dublin, Ire

EFS Screening
Cork Film Centre,

Civic Trust House, 50 Pope's Quay, Cork, Ire

Concrete Walls
Friends of (An)Other Irish Cinema
The University of Philippines Film Institute, The Philippines

Director's Lounge

Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany

Concrete Walls
Hotel / Love Me Longer / There is a Man in the Habit...
International SFF London,
LCC, Elephant and Castle, London, Eng

Love Me Longer
Underground Cinema Screening Part IV
The Kingston Hotel, Dun Laoighaire, Co. Dublin, Ire

The Poorhouse Revisited with live musical accompanient by Brian Conniffe, Suzanne Walsh & Diarmuid MacDiarmada
Curated by Tadhg O'Sullivan.
The Joinery Gallery, Arbour Hill, Dublin, Ire

Fractured Climates - Expanded Cinema Project
HENDRONS (Satellite Studios & Loom Studios)
Hendrons Gallery, Dominick St Upper, Dublin, Ire

Roadside Picnic - Excerpt
Generation for Export: Life with Edits

The Joinery Gallery, Arbour Hill, Dublin, Ire

The Petrol Station
Seeing the Light Exhibition
TACTIC Gallery, Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Ire

VAT 7 & The Petrol Station
EFS at Festival CineB
City of Santiago, Chile

Landslide, The Petrol Station & The Sun Disappears
Darklight Film Festival,
The Factory, Barrow St, Dublin, Ire

Where To?
Experimental Film Society - Screening
Cafe Kino, Bristol, Eng

Hotel, The Gardener & Love Me Longer
Experimental Film Society (Premier Screening)
Hello Operator, Dublin City, Ireland.

Super 8 Shots. The Festival
Kelly's, Galway City, Ireland.

The Gardener, Landslide
Filmmaker Showcase
Old Bridge Library New Jersey.

The Petrol Station
Cont. Art and the Moving Image
QFT Cinema, Belfast, NIreland.

Cont. Art and the Moving Image
Galway Arts Centre, Galway City, Ireland.

Sensorium Festival,
CMC, Dublin, Ireland

Headless Queens - Sound Sculpture
Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland

girl meets boy
Shebeen Flick,
Shebeen Chic, Georges St, Dublin 2, Ireland

10.10.10, One Day on Earth,

Buildings and Airplanes
Phizzfest, Phibsboro, Dublin, Ireland

Midnight with No Pain
ICCL Human Rights Competition, Dublin, Ireland

Trumpet City
Dublin Film Fringe, Ireland

Battered Sausage and Chips
Culture Night, Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland

girl meets boy
Checkpoint, Block T, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland

2009 Happy Days
Exchange Reel, Exchange Dublin, Ireland

Trips the Light Fantastic
Sydney Underground Film Festival, Australia
Galway Film Fleadh Fringe, Galway Ireland

A Life Inside the Frame
ICCL Human Rights Competition, Dublin Ireland

‘140’ Collaboratve Film Project. Worldwide

Cannonball Run, DCTV, Dublin, Ireland

Fast Forward at Darklight Festival, Dublin, Ireland

Waterford Film Festival, Waterford, Ireland

A Life Inside the Frame
Waterford Film Festival, Waterford, Ireland

2006 There is a Man...
Future Shorts, Dublin, Ireland

From Our Hearts
Sligo Digital Animation Festival, Sligo, Ireland

2005There is a Man...
Best of Straight 8, Leicester Square, England

Recipient of The Irish Arts Council's Film Bursury Award

Kooshk Residency in association with Experimental Film Society,
Tehran, Iran

dFlux Research Residency,
Detroit, MI, USA

Award of Merit from The Indie Fest
La Jolla, California, USA

Receipient of The Irish Arts Council's Film Project Award

Winner of Innovation in Irish Feature Filmmaking
IndieCork, Cork, Ire

Concrete Walls
Winner of Best Soundtrack
Nominated for Best Cinematography
International Student Film Festival London, Eng

2010Midnight with No Pain
2nd Place, ICCL Film Competition, Dublin, Ireland
Audience Award, ICCL Film Competition, Dublin, Ire
Happy Days
Best Film, Crewger 48Hr Film Festival, Dublin, Ire

2nd Place, Cannonball Run, DCTV, Dublin, Ire

2007 Pursuit
2nd Place, Fast Forward Film Festival, Dublin, Ire

A Life Inside the Frame
Best Animation, Waterford Film Festival, Ire

2006From Our Hearts
Best Creative Video, DCU Hybrid Awards, Dublin, Ire

Theory of Everything
2nd Place, Fast Forward Film Festival, Dublin, Ire

2005There is a Man...
3rd Place, Silent Light Film Festival, Cork, Ire

EFS Programme
The Family Vault of James Hyland
Sala 9 2 Norte #1205-A San Juan Aquiahuac
San Andrés Cholula,
Puebla, Mexico
Nov 30 - Dec 3

Folds of Existence - EFS Programme
The Family Vault of James Hyland
American Medium
515 West 20th Street 3N,
New York, USA
Jan 19th

Drifting Cities
+Institute presents International Video Poetry Festival #6
Theatre Embros, Athens, Greece
Jan 19th

Lombardi, Hira, Cinepensieri, Drifting Cities Review, Oct 2017

Paci, Lorenzo, Cinepaxy, Stone Boat Exhausted Review, Dec 2016

Murphy, Damien, Dublin InQuirer - An Experiment with Cinema, July 2015

Kavanagh, Dean, EFS Publications – Open Night Cinema, May 2015

Le Cain, Maximilian, The Great Ecstasy of Filmmaker Higgins, Dec 2014

Cazzin, Francesco, L’Emergere del Possible – The Poorhouse Revisited, Dec 2014 (ITA)

Maricourt, Florian, Le cinéma remoderniste: Histoire et théorie d’une esthétique contemporaine, June 2014

Foreman, Donal, New Voices in Irish Experimental Cinema at Estudios Irlandeses, March 2014

Le Cain, Maximilian, The Poorhouse Revisited, Review at Experimental Conversations, June 2012

O’Sullivan, Seán, Selected Stories Part 5: Four is to Three, The Joinery Gallery, Feb 2012


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